Qcells technology We strive for the next innovation

Our solar modules are among the most powerful and profitable on the market worldwide. We offer the highest performance classes and have developed solutions for technological problems such as hot-spots and potential-induced degradation (PID) so that you can produce solar power effectively and safely.

Trust Qcells solar technology

  • Qcells is German engineering at our home site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.
  • The Qcells yield guarantee relieves you from worries about potential-induced degradation (PID), hot spots and falsifications. We will supply you with safe solar technology that provides great performance. During an industry-wide research, conducted by the Fraunhofer CSP, 9 out of 13 modules from renowned manufacturers showed drops in performance in the PID test.
  • On average, the drop amounted to 56 %! After the test, Qcells modules still delivered 100 % performance.
  • With its new Q.ANTUM technology, Qcells has taken the next step to a high-performing and cost-efficient generation of cells. "

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology Uncompromisingly efficient

Qcells solar modules with Q.ANTUM DUO Technology not only deliver impressive performance in real-world conditions, but also offer first-class performance guarantees of 98 % in the first year and a full 86 % after 25 years. The Q.ANTUM DUO Technology combines our Q.ANTUM Cell Technology with the innovative DUO cell separation method: The use of round connecting wires and zero-gap cell interconnection ensure higher power generation not only in the laboratory but also in everyday operation.

Q.ANTUM DUO also increases the nominal power and improves the reliability of the module thanks to Qcells Yield Security consisting of Anti PID, Anti LID / LeTID as well as Hot-Spot Protect and TraQTM. With more than 23 GW of Q.ANTUM solar cells produced, only Qcells has the experience and knowledge to drive the development of cell and module technology and launch new technologies such as Q.ANTUM DUO.

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Hot-Spot Protect

Solar systems and modules fitted with genuine Hanwha Qcells reliably eliminate one hazard for modules catching fire. Our quality assurance system "Hot-Spot Protect" guarantees that solar cells and modules delivered by us are free of hot spots which may heat the equipment and in the worst case cause the module to catch fire.


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Anti PID / Anti LID To keep your yield on track

Potential-induced degradation may cause up to 20 % loss of yield already after only a few months of operation. With Anti PID technology from Hanwha Qcells, you are protected against this loss.


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Tra.Q If it says Hanwha Qcells, it is Hanwha Qcells.

With our patented marking technology Traceable Quality (Tra.Q™), we were the first manufacturer to introduce a system that allows to trace every Qcells cell reliably and seamlessly.


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R&D history

Our headquarters for technology and innovation in Thalheim, Germany, is uniquely equipped with everything needed for research and development as well as pilot projects and testing. This is how we can develop high-tech products and innovative production processes.

Thanks to this unique concept, we are able to introduce technologic innovations quickly into the series production. This way Hanwha Qcells frequently sets the bar for the industry, for example, with the 6-inch solar cell, the fully squared mono-crystalline solar cell or the Q.ANTUM cell technology.


Qcells milestones

2020More than 3 billion Q.ANTUM cells produced. This corresponds to 23 GW.
2019Q.ANTUM Technology breaks the world record again: 20.4 % efficiency for polycrystalline solar modules.


Hanwha Qcells introduces 6-busbar cell layout.

Production record for Q.ANTUM solar cells of 5 GW.


Production record for Q.ANTUM solar cells of 2.5 GW (330,000,000 solar cells)


Hanwha Qcells introduces the 4-busbar cell layout.


Q.ANTUM technology sets new world efficiency record (19.5 %) for polycrystalline solar cells.


Introduction of Qcells Anti PID technology (APT) and Tra.Q™ identification technology for solar cells.


Qcells introduces the first full-square monocrystalline solar cell.


Greater reliability achieved through hotspot-free cells ensured by Qcells Hot-Spot Protect (HSP) quality control.


Qcells introduces the 3-busbar cell layout.


Qcells introduces industry-standard 6-inch cell size.

A global R&D network

To remain a leading global solar company, we constantly explore new methods and technologies.

more than 400 scientists in Germany, China, Korea and Malaysia, we continue to innovate at the fore-front of the global solar industry. Our outstanding R&D lets us improve both our products and the methods we use to manufacture them — allowing us to stay two steps ahead of the rest of the industry.

In fact, many of our production lines feature innovations developed by our own dedicated technologists, scientists and engineers, working hand-in-hand with equipment manufacturers. At our four state-of-the-art R&D centres — located in Germany, Korea, China and Malaysia — we continue to set the standard in technology, economies of scale and quality control.