Our service: working with Q.PARTNER in a solution-oriented manner

    Our mission is to make solar energy affordable to as many people as possible. This can only be achieved by working closely with our customers. They, after all, are at the reason of all of our efforts. From the planning stages onwards, technical specialists stand ready to provide assistance, including on site support. Our service engineers are especially skilled in advising on performance simulations and yield monitoring.

    Personal contact with our partners and customers is important to us. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding solar power and our products.

    Marketing services / Q.PARTNER programmes

    We encourage cooperative marketing that helps us work closely with our customers:

    • Professional training: Training program for employees and installation technicians
    • Sales documentation and advertising materials for installers and operator
    • Support in advertising and trade fair appearances
    • Customisable marketing tools such as printed advertisements
    • Certification as Official Q.PARTNER
    • Listing as Official Q.PARTNER on Qcells web sites and advertising materials

    Warranty terms and conditions for Qcells products Qcells offers one of the best warranties for solar panels

    A 25 years limited linear performance warranty and an extended 12 years limited product warranty1. We guarantee that the performance of a new Qcells solar panel:

    • equals a minimal nominal rated power of at least 97 % during the first year of its nominal operation
    • deviates by 0,6 % per year
    • still equals 92 % of its nominal rated power after 10 years
    • and still equals a minimal nominal rated power of at least 83 % after 25 years.

    Our product warranty covers our Qcells technologies Hot-Spot Protect2 and Anti PID Technology3. Qcells offers very high guarantee for your investment.


    ¹ In accordance with the warranty terms of the Qcells sales organisation of your respective country.

    ² Hot-Spot Protect: The modules are safe against backside destruction caused by Hot-Spot effects due to partial shading of modules.

    Anti PID Technology: The modules are safe against potential-induced degradation in accordance to the test criteria: cells at -1500 V against grounded, with conductive metal foil covered module surface, 25 °C, 168 h

    Customer claim portal

    The customer service supports in case of technical questions and warranty claims. Therefore you can use the customer claim portal.

    Customer claim portal