Our brand Our brand essence, value propositions and their meaning

Our brand and its brand identity is what makes Hanwha Qcells unmistakable and visible in the face of a fierce global competition and helps us to keep it that way. Our brand is thus more than just a logo. It is a promise to both our employees and customers and it expresses what Hanwha Qcells stands for, thereby reassuring them and reinforcing their trust on a continual basis.

Our brand values Brand essence

We are a vertically integrated and fully bankable solar solution provider with a global footprint and market access. We strive to leading the world´s solar industry with our cutting edge technology and superior product quality. We are a future-proof, passionate and trusted partner to our investors, installers and end consumers.

Industry leading technology and superior quality

We are setting the standards in the solar industry by being the technology and quality leader that meets even the highest customer expectations. We provide the best cell technology and highest yields, and we are constantly in search of new innovations.

Trusted and passionate PV partner

We are the trusted PV partner our customers worldwide can relty on. We are passionate about what we do and we are always willing and able to serve our customers´ needs at any time.

Vertically integrated solar solution provider with a global footprint

We are a vertically integrated solar solution provider and have the power of a global company operating as one. We have a global footprint, allowing us worldwide market access. We are the one-stop shop for PV solutions of any scale.

Future-proof and fully bankable

We are fully bankable and have a Tier 1 Bloomberg rating thanks to our affiliation with Hanwha Group. Being truly committed to solar energy, our huge production capacity and our international production facilities ensure an optimum and future-proof setup of our business.

History History and key facts & figures


    • South Korean president visits Jincheon plant
      South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, visited our plant in Jincheon on February 1, 2018 for a joint declaration ceremony regarding job creation at Hanwha Qcells Korea. After the ceremony, the President and other dignitaries toured the plant, observed its operations, and praised Hanwha Qcells Korea’s job creation efforts as well as its promotion of renewable energy. “Hanwha Qcells is aligned with the government’s ‘3020 Policy’ aimed at producing 20% of the country’s electricity from renewables by 2030,” said President Moon. “It designates renewable energy as the industry to lead Korea’s innovative growth and I firmly believe Hanwha Qcells will be the company to lead that innovative growth in our nation,” added President Moon during his visit.


    • 1 billion Q.ANTUM solar cells
      Hanwha Qcells announces it successfully mass produced 1 billion Q.ANTUM solar cells. Q.ANTUM is Hanwha Qcells´ proprietary cell technology and supercharges ordinary crystalline solar cells and modules. The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Q.ANTUM delivers exceptional performance under real-world conditions. Q.ANTUM technology has been developed in the company´s Headquarter for Technology, Innovation and Quality in Thalheim, Germany, and has been in commercial mass production since 2012. As of June 2017, Hanwha Qcells has produced a total volume of around 5 Gigawatt of Q.ANTUM solar cells.

    2015 - 2016

    • Hanwha Qcells & Hanwha SolarOne
      In February 2015 Hanwha Qcells Co. Ltd. emerged as a new global solar power leader from combining two of the world´s most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers, Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Qcells. As per first quarter of 2016, Hanwha Qcells will be the largest manufacturer of solar cells with a capacity of 5.2 GW and one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules and PV Kits with a capacity of 5.5 GW.


    • Hanwha Qcells signs a 1.5 GW module supply agreement with NextEra Energy Resources, LLC.


    • Hanwha Qcells has taken the lead among European PV companies with total shipments of 247 MW and a module production volume of 244 MW in Q1 2014
    • Time Hanwha Qcells Japan has reached the position as the No. 1 foreign PV provider in Japan, as confirmed in the March edition of the leading Japanese PV magazine "Solvisto"
    • Hanwha SolarOne announced capacity expansion plan to 2.3 GW of module capacity
    • Hanwha SolarOne acquired product Carbon Footprint Certification, ISO 14067, based on New International Standard


    • Hanwha Qcells extended its teams at its headquarters in Germany as well as in Malaysia and strengthened the international sales team in order to meet the globally growing demand
    • Launch of the new generation of solar cells and the PV modules Q.PEAK-G3 and Q.PRO-G3
    • Hanwha Qcells increased the utilization rates of the existing production capacities at its international sites and even the capacity in its Malaysian plant from 800 to over 900 MW – making for a total production capacity of 1.1 GW
    • Hanwha SolarOne surpasses 4 GW of photovoltaic modules shipped to 35 countries around the world
    • Launches New Generation HSL Series: smaller footprint, higher power output, and enhanced durability


    • Official start of the company Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH
    • Hanwha SolarOne passed the rigorous TUV Rheinland Long-Term Sequential Test (SF260)
    • Hanwha SolarOne announced industry-leading 12-year workmanship warranty and improved power warranty and signed company's largest supply deal: 155 MW of high-performance modules to South Africa

    2010 - 2012

    • Solarfun joins the Hanwha Group (renamed Hanwha SolarOne)


    • Production of Qcells in Malaysia begins

    2003 - 2004

    • Solarfun is founded

    2001 - 2002

    • Hanwha Qcells: Market launch of Q6 and Q6M 6-inch solar cells


    • Qcells AG is founded