References Solar power plant

ÖRESUND BRIDGE Sweden / Denmark

Since June 2018, the most important traffic link between Denmark and Sweden, the Öresund Bridge/Tunnel, has been supplied with power from Qcells solar modules. The 255 KW solar system, comprising 864 Q.PEAK BLK-G4. 1 solar modules, can thus save 157,271 kg CO2 emissions annually. The electricity generated corresponds to the electrical supply for 45 households.

ApplicationSolar power station
Installed power output255 KW
Date of completion2018
ModulesQ.PEAK BLK-G4.1

Floating solar plant Lingewaard Reservoir, Netherlands

This floating solar power station was erected between April and June 2018 with more than 6100 monocrystalline solar modules of the type Q.PEAK-G4.1 each with 300 Wp on a reservoir in the central region of Lingewaard. It covers a water area of around 15,800 m². With a nominal power of 1.85 Megawatt, the power station aims to produce around 1757.5 MWh of clean electricity per year and feed this into the public grid – enough to cover the energy requirements of 382 4-person households in the Netherlands. The solar power station in Lingewaard is the first large-scale commercial floating PC system in the country and could serve as a model for many other floating solar projects

ApplicationFloating solar power station
Installed power output1.85 MWp
Date of completion2018

Candé France

The project run by "ENERGIES DE LOIRE" is the pride of the small community in Candé in the west of France. The 99.9 kW system has been producing green solar power every day since February 2018, all of which is fed into the grid. It thus ensures that even a local hall can become an efficient solar power station. The system contains Qcells Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 solar modules, which combine an elegant appearance with particularly high power output in a small space – and can thus blend perfectly into green environments.

ApplicationSolar power station
Installed power output99,9 kW
Date of completion2018
ModulesQ.PEAK BLK-G4.1

SOLAR FARM Stowbridge, Great Britain

The Stowbridge Solar Farm, just north of Cambridge, England, was built at the beginning of 2014 with the Qcells, Q.PRO-G3 solar modules. The solar power plant has a capacity of 24.3 MW p and was completed by us in only a few weeks, due to our advance power plant design using Q.MEGA standard blocks.

Applicationsolar power plant
Installed power output24,3 MWp
Date of completion2014

SOLAR FARM Canha, Portugal

The power plant in Portugal Montijo, south east of Lisbon, was implemented in May 2014, using some 51,000 Qcells Q.PRO-G3 modules(250-265 Wp). The installation of 13.3 MW p output solar power plant only took five weeks. Since 2009, Hanwha Qcells has reduced the construction time for 1 MW p from 3.9 days to less than one day.

ApplicationPower Plant
Installed power output13,3 MWp
Date of completionDecember 2013

SOLAR FARM WITH 91 MWP Brandenburg-Briest, Germany

Since 2011, the former military airport in Brandenburg Briest has become one of the largest solar power plants in the world. Over an area of ​​280 football fields, we installed 91 MW p in just 12 weeks, serving more than 22,000 households with clean electricity and saving about 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

ApplicationApplication Power Plant
Installed power output91 MWp
Date of completionDecember 2011
Modules383.000 crystalline modules (Q.PEAK, Q.PRO and Q.BASE)

CLUSTER I–III Finsterwalde, Germany

The Finsterwalde I-III solar power plant cluster in southern Brandenburg has a total power output of 83 MW p and was installed by systems specialists from former Q-Cells SE in 2010. The implementation of this major solar project was conducted in the three construction stages.

Applicationsolar power plant
Installed power output83 MWp (altogether)
Date of completion2010 (final)