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Sustainable investment: Solar power plants You can count on one of Europe's largest supplier

Structural changes in energy supply are in full swing and photovoltaic is playing a leading role in the future energy mix. Power generation with solar power plants is more efficient than ever before. Solar power plants from Qcells are a sustainable investment with secure, long term high returns, low maintenance costs and fast construction times.


The Q.PRO-G2 235 was the best polycrystalline solar module in the PHOTON output test 2013 and guarantees secure long-term returns. 151 different PV modules from 119 manufacturers were tested.


Hanwha Qcells is part of the Hanwha Group, one of the 10 largest companies in South Korea and therefore a strong financial partner for your solar projects.


Solar parks with a total capacity of 445 MW are monitored and maintained (Operation & Maintenance) by Hanwha Qcells (and its predecessor company Q-Cells SE)​​.


With the Q.MEGA modular phased construction method extremely low construction times can be realised. For example a 91 MW solar power plant in Brandenburg (Germany) from Hanwha Qcells was installed in only 12 weeks.


Due to the high level of standardisation in the implementation process of our solar power plants, we are able to continuously reduce the balance-of-system costs. Since 2008, we reduced them impressively by 50%.


Qcells polycrystalline cells with the Q.ANTUM technology achieve an efficiency of 19.5 % - top performance for your investment.

One-stop shopping

One-stop shopping is the key to your project's success. Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH is your partner for the efficient delivery of turnkey solar power plants. Our integrated project management and system expertise save you time and money while offering planning you can rely on.

Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH offers you complete development and projection solutions from one source: from project design and hook-up, through to the maintenance and care of your up-and-running solar power facility.

Upon request, we will take on all the key stages of project management as your general EPC contractor. And we don’t stop there: we’re the experienced partner that will assist you with all aspects along the photovoltaics value-added chain, including project planning and component selection.

The planning and construction of large-scale solar power plants are highly complex processes which have been largely standardized and opitimized by our specialists. We plan all technical and commercial project details together with our customers and define the logistical and time-related processes – individually and personally. Such services include location studies, power plant design, construction planning, obtaining official licenses, clarification of grid feed-in options, and compilation of an energy yield assessment.

Global partnerships with leading component manufacturers and distributors, optimized system planning, an absolute focus on quality and a fast return on investment for you are just a part of everyday business.

For you, as the customer, this means planning security and quick realization as well as a perfect balance between price, performance, and top quality.



One of the largest solar power plants in the world; built in just 12 weeks.

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A 24.3 MW p solar farm in Great Britain with Qcells Q.PRO G3 solar modules.

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A solar power plant cluster with 83 MW p output in southern Brandenburg.

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Bankability Why Hanwha Qcells is the best choice for investors

We know that investors expect long-term performance, the highest possible reliability regarding the production of electricity and proper warranties that are backed by a financially sound company from their investments in a solar power plant. In short: It needs to pay off.

With a production capacity of 8 GW in solar cells and 8 GW in solar modules, Hanwha Qcells is truly committed to PV.
Among others, these are the key figures that make us the best choice for your investment into a quality solar solution from Hanwha Qcells.