Q.HOME SOLAR SYSTEMS As complete solar packages or individually combined components


With the Q.HOME Solarsystem, we deliver to you as the installer a complete solar package - pre-assembled and ready for shipping to your customers. The Q CELLS solar modules are among the most powerful and reliable solar modules available on the market - perfectly matched to real conditions. In the commonly low radiation values and weak light (e.g. cloudy conditions) in Great Britain, Q CELLS solar modules and solar packages generate maximal outputs. Due to one of the best temperature coefficients, our solar modules also operate with high efficiency on hot summer days.
The international solar power magazine PHOTON confirms this unique product quality:  In the PHOTON output test 2013 and 2014, the Q CELLS solar module Q.PRO-G2 was tested as the best polycrystalline solar module. As an installer, let the quality of the Q CELLS convince you and reduce your customer's energy costs with one of our Q CELLS complete-solar-packages or customised solar solutions which can even be supplemented with your own systems, according to need.

FOR ANY ROOF: Q.HOME complete packages for different energy needs.

For Hanwha Q CELLS, photovoltaics is more than just a product. That is why we have developed a variety of solar solutions for a reliable, powerful and sustainable supply of energy - for today's and future generations.

2-person household
up to 3,200 kWh
3,30 kWp21 m²30 %70%
3-person household
up to 3,800 kWh
3,85 kWp24 m²30 %70%
4-person household
up to 4,400 kWh
4,40 kWp27 m²30 %70%
5-person household
up to 5,000 kWh
4,95 kWp31 m²30 %70%

Q.HOME solar systems:

The ideal solution for all household sizes in producing solar power. This way, your customers can reduce their energy costs and protect the environment.

The solar-complete package not only optimises the output, but also has a positive impact on your customers energy balance. Due to our long-year experience, intensive research and toughest quality standards, Q CELLS is leading in quality and technology. Through constant monitoring of the production, the "VDE Quality Tested"-programme guarantees a consistent quality level and product safety at all times. According to the PHOTON output test, one of the most demanding independent tests for output measurements of solar modules, Hanwha Q CELLS produces polycrystalline modules with the highest output worldwide. This was awarded in 2013 and 2014. The Q CELLS yield security system offers a higher level of safety for smooth operations: The Hot-Spot Protect (HSP) to protect against module fires, Tra.Q™ (Traceable Quality) to ensure you have purchased original modules and the Q CELLS Anti PID Technology (APT) against loss of efficiency. The high power components in the Q.HOME standard configurations are efficiently tuned and compatible.

For you as the installer, we assemble individual solar sets which can then be passed on, individualised to you own customers. And of course you have the possibility to combine the components from the Q.HOME Package according to your own requirements or your customer's wishes. In addition, our Q.PARTNER also benefit from support in planning and implementation of the solar systems.

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In the Q.HOME+ solar systems, you will find the ideal solution for your customers to store solar electricity and sustainably lower energy costs. The perfectly harmonised high-performance components in the complete package do not only have a positive effect on the yield your customers generate but also on the total energy need of the building.

Solar-complete package allows easy handling The Q.HOME solarsystem

Complete high quality mounting system

The high quality system provides a fast, secure and permanently stable installation.

High quality inverter

The transformer-less inverter is ideally matched to the Q CELLS solar modules. It converts direct current into alternating current in order to feed the power into the mains supply of the building.


The Q.HOME+ packages are fitted with solar storages that can be optimally adapted to your demand. This way the solar energy produced during the day can be used whenever it is needed.

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Electric accessories

Electrical accessories such as cables and connectors are also included.

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