100% green electricity for the home from a single source: with the Q.HOME Cloud from Qcells

The Q.HOME Cloud supplements a self-consumption model comprising a solar+storage system with 100% ecological electricity.

A solar system on your own roof, a solar power storage system in the basement. This model is ideal and highly attractive for homeowners who value an ecological power supply with self-produced solar electricity. In addition to the inherent contribution to climate protection, it also enables sustainable electricity cost savings. But even with maximized self-consumption, solar power alone is not enough to cover the electricity demand at any time. For the homeowner this means new efforts, new searches, new comparisons, new contact persons, new electricity contracts and, often, a deterioration of the climate balance.

Solar system + electricity storage + Q.HOME Cloud = 100% sustainable power supply

The solution is called Q.HOME Cloud and it comes from Qcells, the most popular brand for solar technology in Germany*. The Q.HOME Cloud complements existing or new solar plants with solar power storage with a cloud solution for the required residual electricity, and guarantees a supply of 100% eco-friendly electricity, drawn solely from renewable sources in Germany and Austria.

The Q.HOME Cloud has been launched in Germany, the home market of Qcells, and will shortly be rolled out into other markets across Europe.

Q.HOME Cloud: How it works

- The homeowner can simply conclude the contract with the same installer who advises them on their solar system, or alternatively deal directly with Qcells via the Q.HOME Cloud calculator. - Self-consumption of solar power from your own solar system with Qcells storage

- When the battery is fully charged and the solar system continues to produce electricity, for example on long summer days: Feed surplus electricity into the grid and collect the full feed-in remuneration

- If no solar electricity is produced and the battery is already empty, e.g. on short winter days: obtain ecological electricity from the Q.HOME Cloud

- Result: Complete supply of your home with 100% eco-friendly electricity from your solar system or via the Q.HOME Cloud from renewable energy sources in Germany and Austria. For a fair monthly fee. All from one source.- Requirement: If you already have a solar system, you will only need the Qcells solar storage system and Q.HOME Cloud to complete your 100% renewable energy package. The solar system does not necessarily have to come from Qcells. The only requirement for Q.HOME Cloud is Qcells solar storage system.

Qcells individually adjusts the required electricity quota and thus the monthly contribution for the cloud to the size and installation location of the solar system, the average electricity consumption of the household, and the size of the solar storage unit. In this way, every customer receives a tailor-made, transparent and fair cloud solution.

A sustainable idea: The Q.HOME Cloud

The Q.HOME Cloud is interesting for several customer groups. Building owners or homeowners who are planning to use a solar system and a power storage unit to consume solar power themselves in the future, now only need one contact person for the complete supply of their home with ecologically sustainable electricity. Qcells offers everything for them - from the individually designed and high-quality solar system with efficient solar power storage, to the tailor-made Q.HOME Cloud solution. The customer receives all this from their

local installation partner from the Qcells Q.PARTNER network - and thus from a competent local source.

What the Q.HOME Cloud means for your own house and your own wallet, interested parties can find out with just a few clicks in the Q.HOME Cloud calculator at energie.q-cells.de/weitere-produkte/qhome-cloud/. * In 2020, Qcells received the Life & Living Award for consumer quality, which is presented by the television channel n-tv and the German Institute for Service Quality. In the evaluation of over 40,000 consumers surveyed, Qcells took first place in the solar technology category. Qcells is the only company in the energy sector that combines the complete portfolio of a renowned solar manufacturer with new and innovative green electricity products. The company thus offers its private and commercial customers complete solutions from a single source to cover their electricity needs from 100% renewable energies with solar DNA.

About Qcells

Qcells is a renowned total energy solutions provider in solar cell and module, energy storage, downstream project business and energy retail. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation HQ) with its diverse international manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Malaysia, China, and South Korea. Through its growing global business network spanning Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, Qcells provides excellent services and long-term partnerships to its customers in the utility, commercial, governmental and residential markets. For more information, visit: www.q-cells.com.

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