Qcells responds to patent infringement lawsuit filing

Media Statement from Qcells in response to patent infringement lawsuit filing from REC Group.

Hanwha Qcells is aware of the patent infringement lawsuit filed by REC Group in China. Hanwha Qcells believes that REC’s complaints and the alleged patent are without technical and legal merit.

The technology mentioned in REC’s statement is simply about the interconnections within the solar module. There are doubts about the validity of the patent on this technology, as the patent application for the technology had been rejected in Japan as of 2019.

As a consequence, Hanwha Qcells categorically refutes REC’s allegations of patent infringement. We are considering all legal avenues, including petitioning for the invalidity of REC’s alleged patent.

As an industry-leading solar company, Hanwha Qcells strongly supports fair competition in the marketplace and appreciates the importance of intellectual property rights of all participants in the industry.