Qcells celebrates 25 years of clean energy @ the Smarter E Europe 2024 exhibition

The broad variety of PV and clean energy solutions showcased by Qcells at this year’s Smarter E Europe exhibition is a testament to the company’s longevity, invention and unrivalled industry knowledge.

[Berlin, Germany, June 13, 2024] You cannot put a price on experience. Few companies in the clean energy space can match Qcells’ history, which now spans a quarter of a century and is foundational to the very growth of the solar industry we know today.

That invaluable experience will be on full display at the Smarter E Europe 2024 exhibition, where Qcells will once again take its place front-and-centre as a highly visible and vocal catalyst for Europe’s clean energy evolution (Hall A / 270, 180).

Qcells’ booth will showcase everything from the company’s latest solar modules and market-proven home storage solutions, to its latest inverter technology, intelligent home energy management systems, wall boxes, heat pumps and the complementary software that ties this all together to create modern PV solutions for the home.

Complementing this range of exciting products will be a series of engaging presentations delivered by our team of German and European experts, covering a number of topics that demonstrate Qcells’ commitment to customer service excellence and unparalleled market knowledge, born from 25 years of know-how.

Pitch-perfect panels for a PV-powered home  

The flagship glass-glass solar module exhibited by Qcells at this year’s Smarter E Europe is the Q.TRON BLK G3 series, which is comprised of Q.ANTUM NEO N-type high-performance solar cells to deliver a total module power output of 445 Wp and an efficiency of 22.3%. The Q.TRON BLACK solar module is the perfect PV solution for the home, performing at optimal yield capability in all weather conditions, and coming complete with a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year linear performance warranty. Its all-black aesthetics complete the package for homeowners seeking a reliable, sleek solar addition to their rooftop.

Accompanying the new Q.TRON BLACK from the Qcells module range is the Q.TRON M-G2+. This 108-cell solar module boasts maximum efficiency of 22.3% and a power output of up to 435 Wp. As with the Q.TRON BLACK, the Q.TRON M-G2+ represents a reliable option for residential customers thanks to its excellent performance in all weather conditions and its 25-year product and performance warranty.

Getting smart with storage

The new Q.HOME G4 from Qcells ushers in a new era of sustainable and smart home energy solutions, seamlessly integrating high efficiency inverter technology, a scalable battery system, and an intelligent energy management system into one sleek and easy-to-install product.

Pairing solar with storage has never been simpler than with the Q.HOME G4, which will spearhead the company’s home storage solutions at the Smarter E Europe exhibition. Capable of storing between 9 kWh and 18 kWh of solar electricity, the Q.HOME can flexibly meet the power needs of any home.

The battery solution can link with the Q.HOME WALLBOX, which is Qcells’ powerful EV charger that, when installed, closes the circle on solar-powered homes seeking true energy independence and low-cost control. This smart solar-home can be controlled via Qcells’ Q.OMMAND app - an energy management system that provides complete, 100% autonomy from the palm of the homeowner’s hand.

Rounding out Qcells’ portfolio at the Smarter E Europe are storage solutions the Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G3 and the Q.HOME CORE A4/H4; and a number of different inverter options for any household from the Q.Volt-P range. Hand-selected third-party partner products complement the Qcells portfolio, including: the Samsung Heat Pump, the Akkodis Charging station and Tesvolt’s Industrial Storage solution.

Full-service provider

After 25 years in the industry, Qcells’ commitment to breaking boundaries in solar and clean energy has never been stronger. Which is why in 2024, the company continues to innovate. At its Sales and Business Development Center in Berlin, Qcells recently opened the Qcells Studio Berlin, which is the company’s first-ever permanent European showroom.

Qcells Studio Berlin is the ideal place in which homeowners can learn more about the benefits of solar energy and how it can help them to reduce their electricity bills.

A primer of what Qcells’ Distributed Energy Solutions (DES) can offer to customers will also be demonstrated at the Qcells booth at the Smarter E Europe exhibition – both in the form of regular presentations, and via walk-thrus offered at the booth by Qcells’ knowledgeable #CleanEnergyCrew. Moderating the Qcells presentation stage this year once again is Sylvia Walker, who has warmed up for the show by releasing a Euro 2024 song titled Komm, let’s go (fair warning; it is quite the earworm!).

Qcells offers full-service PV solutions for the home, available to end customers via a wide range of financing and ownership options. Customers can also discuss ways to make money from their solar system via Qcells’ exciting virtual power plant (VPP) offering, which is set to be launched later this year. More details available at the Qcells booth (Hall A, 270/180).

Moon Hwan Cha, Managing Director of Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH, said: “In 2024, Europe’s clean energy landscape looks a lot different to what it did back in 1999. The progress we have made is astonishing, with the continent now generating more than 60% of its electricity from renewables, and the share of clean energy in the grid growing each day.

“Qcells’ clear goal is to help every household smoothly and affordably play its part in the clean energy revolution. The company’s current range of products and services are designed to lower the barriers to clean energy uptake, and to do so with the inherent peace-of-mind, high performance and reliability that Qcells, over its 25 years history, has always stood for.”

Come visit the Qcells booth (Hall A 270/180) at the Smarter E Europe Exhibition, Messe Munich, June 19 – 21, 2024

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