Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G2 Modular and scalable
energy storage solution

Storage solution Modular and scalable

Our storage system is the ideal solution for the environmentally-friendly reduction of electricity costs for private houses and ensure a reliable long-term operation and high output. Our scalable and modular storage solution in combination with the proven Samsung lithium-ion battery technology makes it the perfect choice for energy self-consumption. Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G2 includes a 10-year warranty and integrated energy management system. With Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G2 you may store your clean and cheap solar energy for the use during night-time or whenever the sun is not shining.

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ESS Monitoring

All Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G2 models have an integrated control program that allows you to conveniently check and control the energy flow and battery status.

To the monitoring program

Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G2 Suit the specific energy production and -consumption

Scalable storage capacity from 4 kwh up to 18.9 kwh to suit the specific energy production and -consumption. modular design for easy, fast and flexible installation. Available in three different storage sizes to suit the needs of the most common residential applications. Our storage solutions ensure a reliable long-term operation and high output.

Qcells energy storage solutions Your advantages at a glance

Scalable solution for optimized consumption

Scalable storage capacity from 4 kWh up to 12 kWh to suit the specific energy consumption.

Smart design

Modular design for easy and fast installation, remote control operated systems with lithium-ion battery and battery charger.

Remote maintenance

Easy maintenance of the device due to early error detection function, web and mobile monitoring and a reliable service network.


Premium quality Samsung lithium-ion battery.

Durability and high cycle strength

High durability with 10 years product warranty and a performance to be maintained at least 80 % of the initial battery capacity after 10 years. Very short recharge time and a high discharge depth.

Cycle strength

High charging cycle strength, deep discharge and short charging times.

Backup power function

Thanks to the integrated backup power function, even in the event of power failure 3 kW continuous operation at the second output (switchover time max. 30 seconds).