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    The new Q.ANTUM DUO Technology combines cutting edge advancements in cell separation technology with round wires – reducing both electrical and optical losses, respectively. This is achieved by halving the current passing through each cell and making use of incident light more effectively. Q.ANTUM DUO not only increases nameplate power, but also improves reliability. Anti LID / LeTID ensure low initial degradation and the half-cell design minimises cell stress reducing the potential for micro cracks in the field. This is backed by improved guaranteed initial and yearly degradation ensuring the highest energy yields. Combined with Q CELLS award winning Q.ANTUM cell technology Q.PEAK DUO-G5 and Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 are the highest power modules available at a reasonable price, maximizing energy yields and ensuring low LCOE. With more than 5 GW of Q.ANTUM deployed, only Q CELLS has the experience and the knowledge to push forward cell and module technology simultaneously, to create Q.ANTUM DUO.


    The new Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar module from Q CELLS impresses thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO TECHNOLOGY, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface area. Q.ANTUM‘s world-record cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry, half cells and a six-busbar design, achieving outstanding performance under real conditions − both with low-intensity solar radiation and on hot, clear summer days.  


    Ideal for:
    • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings
    • Rooftop arrays on commercial / industrial buildings


    The new Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 solar module from Q CELLS impresses with its outstanding visual appearance and particularly high performance on a small surface thanks to the innovative Q.ANTUM DUO TECHNOLOGY. Q.ANTUM’s world-record-holding cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a six busbar design, thus achieving outstanding performance under real conditions — both with low-intensity solar radiation as well as on hot, clear summer days.  

    Ideal for:
    • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings


    The new high-performance module Q.PEAK-G4.1 is the ideal solution for residential buildings thanks to its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM. The world-record cell design was developed to achieve the best performance under real conditions – even with low radiation intensity and on clear, hot summer days. 

    Ideal for:
    • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings

    Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1

    The new Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 high performance module with mono-crystalline Q.ANTUM cell technology is the perfect combination of power and aesthetics for your private rooftop installation. It performs outstandingly well in any condition - also on winter days with low-radiation and on hot summer days.


    Ideal for:
    • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings

    Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1

    The innovative Q.ANTUM cell technology makes the new high performance module Q.PLUS BFR‑G4.1 the ideal solution for any application. The world record cell design was developed to deliver maximum output in real weather conditions - also during low-radiation and on clear, hot summer days.


    Ideal for:
    • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings
    • Rooftop arrays on commercial / industrial buildings
    • Ground-mounted solar power plants

    Hanwha Q CELLS solar solutions Solar complete packages and individual solutions for any demand

    Whether it is the customised solar solution or the ready complete package Q.HOME - with the Q CELLS offers you will always make an excellent choice. Hanwha Q CELLS combines and bundles high-quality components of different sizes and variants to fulfil your individual requirements. This way we develop individual solutions for your need: whether you are an end user, project developer, installer or trade professional.

    Q.HOME complete package

    With its Q.HOME package, Q CELLS presents a highly efficient and flexible solar system for home owners. Adjusted to the requirements, light conditions and the site, Q.HOME can be optimised to best use. The solar system as a complete package offers home owners a practical and easy solution at a fixed price.

    Solar solutions for private customers

    Individual solar packages

    Q CELLS solar systems can be efficiently bundled for you as an installer - depending on your individual needs and the site of installation. The use of high-quality system components allows to customise solar systems by bundling all the components precisely to every requirement. Pre-assembled and ready for shipment - all to make your customers happy.

    Solar solutions for installers

    All-in-one energy storage PV inverter, battery and management system

    Our Q CELLS Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 is the ideal solution for the environmentally-friendly reduction of electricity costs for private houses and ensures a reliable long-term operation and high output. The combination of its integrated inverter with a proven Samsung lithium-ion battery technology makes Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 the perfect choice for your all-in-one device for energy self-consumption. Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 includes a 10-year warranty and comes with a built-in web server for monitoring your solar system via the internet. With Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 you may store your clean and cheap solar energy for the use during nighttime or whenever the sun is not shining.

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    Q.HOME⁺ ESS-G1 3.6

    Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 3.6 is the smallest version of our optimised product range. With its 3.6 kWh capacity it is the ideal solution for solar systems with a size of up to 6.6 kWp.

    Q.HOME⁺ ESS-G1 5.5

    Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 5.5 offers 5.5 kWh battery capacity while maintaining its compactness.

    Q.HOME⁺ ESS-G1 8.0

    Q.HOME+ESS-G18.0 with a capacity of 8.0 kWh is the ideal storage solution for solar systems of up to 10 kWp. With its three phase inverter it is more efficient than the smaller devices of our product range.

    Q.FLAT-G5 More than just a flat roof system

    The large, mostly low-shadow roofs of industrial and commercial buildings are the ideal location for a solar system. By consuming the electricity produced yourself, your customers become independent of rising electricity prices. The well thought-out and functional system solution Q.FLAT-G5 offers all components for a simple and smooth installation of the rooftop system.

    To the Q.FLAT-G5

    STEP 1

    • Module assignment plan
    • Module interconnection
    • Inverter design
    • Cable plan
    • Ballasting plan

    STEP 2

    • Statics report with consideration of wind and snow loads
    • Profitability calculation
    • Parts list

    STEP 3

    • Q CELLS supplies all components on time directly to the construction site

    STEP 4

    • Installation of the Q.FLAT-G5 system including module cabling and inverters

    Q.ANTUM World record: 19,5 procent efficiency

    Q.ANTUM technology has been developed by us to ensure maximum performance under real conditions, even on hot summer or rainy autumn days. Unlike with many other manufacturers it is not optimised based purely on laboratory tests . To achieve this, the back of the solar cell is coated with functional nano layers. The nano layers act as a mirror that reflects the light into the cell. This allows sunlight to be converted into electricity, which previously has been unused. Q.ANTUM therefore maximises the effectiveness of conventional crystalline solar cells and modules.

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