Q.FLAT-G5 More than just a flat roof system

Q.FLAT-G5 is more than just a subconstruction for flat roofs: it forms the basis for an entire system solution from a single source.

With Q.FLAT-G5, there are just four simple steps
to a ready-to-use solar system

Do you want everything from a single source and to be assured that the components coordinated one with another not only interact perfectly, but that you can also count on the services of your partner? With our system solutions, we are the right contact.


  • Module assignment plan
  • Module interconnection
  • Inverter design
  • Cable plan
  • Ballasting plan


  • Statics report with consideration of wind and snow loads
  • Profitability calculation
  • Parts list


  • Qcells supplies all components on time directly to the construction site


  • Installation of the Q.FLAT-G5 system including module cabling and inverters

The installation in four steps For the rapid and secure installation of the Q.FLAT-G5 flat roof system.

Step 1

The base profiles, which are already supplied pre-assembled (including the building protection mat and central support) are placed on the roof and the central supports are simply folded out. The hinge on the folding mechanism is secured in its terminal position with light pressure. Attachment to the roof is not necessary, protecting the building fabric and significantly reducing the installation costs.

Step 2

The base profiles are laid out on the roof and the ballast carriers hung in them. The ballast can already be positioned according to the ballast plan at this stage.

Step 3

The Qcells solar modules are inserted into the central support and placed in the end clamp. During this step, the convenient cabling operation can be carried out using the optional cable clips. The solar module is lowered downwards.

Step 4

The end clamp plate is put on and bolted into place. This one-off assembly design not only minimises the installation time but also reduces the mechanical load on the solar modules thanks to the floating suspension. Fixing an end clamp means that two adjoining modules are fastened at the same time – a further cost saving.

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Q.FLAT-G5 – the fast and reliable system for flat roofs The straightforward folding mechanism allows a time-saving installation thanks to fewer work steps, minimising the amount of work required immensely.

Maximum yields

Generate maximum yields with a power density1 of 180 Wp/m2. South-facing 30° systems attain a power density1 of only 90 Wp/m2.

Optimal roof area use

The compact design and 10° elevation angle enables a roof area utilisation of up to 82 percent.

Simple and fast installation

Rapid assembly by unfolding the middle support columns where the substructure and modules are built up sequentially minimises installation effort by up to 50 %.

Module protection

The continuous ground profile conducts the loads acting on the solar module gently into the roof cladding. This prevents shifts in the solar module. Integration in a lightning protection system is possible.

Fewer components and ballast

The pre-assembled Q.FLAT-G5 reduces warehousing and logistics costs, the work labour for the roof and is optimised in terms of ballast.

Durable materials

Magnelis® coating for 10× better corrosion resistance in comparison to galvanised steel and automatic closure of the surface in case of scratches due to cathodic self-protection.

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