Q.ANTUM NEO Technology High power and efficiency

Get ready for a new era of solar

Qcells is the world’s first company to commercialize PERC technology, which is now the mainstream of the global solar industry. As a pioneer of solar technology, Qcells has led the great era of PERC, developing its proprietary Q.ANTUM Technology by incorporating PERC and its unique Yield Security features.

Qcells has continued its technology innovation, and Q.ANTUM has been evolved into Q.ANTUM DUO mainly with half-cell technology, and Q.ANTUM DUO Z with Zero-Gap technology.

And now, in 2022, Qcells is ushering in a new era of solar by introducing Q.ANTUM NEO Technology. Combining N-type technology with Advanced Yield Security and the world’s strictest quality testing program QCPV, Q.ANTUM NEO surpasses the performance of conventional N-type products.

More efficiency through neo power transmitter

Standard Cells (P-type, PERC)

Standard Cells (P-type, PERC) use a passivation layer with small
holes for electrical interconnection of the cell rear side.
Passivation is reduced in the contact area which limits the maximum efficiency.

Q.ANTUM NEO Cells (N-type)

Within Q.ANTUM NEO solar cells (N-type), passivation layer and electrical interconnection functionality are integrated in the NEO Power Transmitter layer. This allows for a full area passivation and full area contact at the same time thus overcoming the PERC limitations.

Advanced yield security: more energy, more benefits

Qcells’ advanced Yield Security protects the solar cell from critical degradation effects and potential hot spots.

Advanced Anti-PID (APT)

PID can lead to significant power loss for both P-type and N-type cells. The APT of Q.ANTUM NEO effectively protects the solar cells and secures high energy yield in the long-term.

Advanced Anti-LeTID (ALD)

Not only in P-type, but also in N-type, the power of solar cells can significantly decrease due to effects of LeTID. As the first company to observe LeTID effects and to devise a solution to suppress LeTID in 2015, Qcells secures high reliability against LeTID.

Hot-Spot Protect

In order to prevent potential hot spots in cells, we inspect 100 % of the Q.ANTUM NEO cells with infrared camera scanning.

Quality assurance at solar cell level with Tra.Q™

The patented Traceable Quality (Tra.Q™) marking technology enables reliable tracing of every Qcells cell.


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Q.ANTUM NEO Technology in practice High power & efficiency

The world's first company to pass QCPV Quality Controlled PV - TÜV seal for the most reliable

Qcells is the first solar module manufacturer in the industry to pass TÜV Rheinland’s new Quality Controlled PV (QCPV) certification, the most thorough testing program in the industry.

We continuously test our solar modules in mass production far beyond the usual approval certification in accordance with the future IEC TS 63209 – the “Extended Stress Test for PV Modules” – and also monitor materials and component suppliers.


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Q.ANTUM NEO Technology in practice

Q.TRON is a Qcells’ highly efficient N-type solar module based on Q.ANTUM NEO Technology. Thanks to its high efficiency up to 22.6 %, Q.TRON is a suitable solution for limited spaces including rooftops of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.